In Our Duffel Bags:
Surviving the Vietnam Era   Richard C. Geschke and Robert A. Toto

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We are Richard C. Geschke and Robert A. Toto, co-authors of In Our Duffel Bags: Surviving the Vietnam Era.

About the Authors
Richard C. Geschke is a 1969 ROTC graduate of Kent State University. He lives with his wife in Bristol, Connecticut.Robert A. Toto is a 1969 ROTC graduate from Northeastern University. He and his wife live in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.


About our first book, In Our Duffel Bags: Surviving the Vietnam Era

They were young, and they were fighting a war no one wanted to fight. They chose to serve their country despite these challenges. In In Our Duffel Bags , authors Richard Geschke and Robert A. Toto narrate the stories and the experiences of what junior army officers faced as citizen soldiers during pre-voluntary military service from 1969 to 1972.This memoir provides an inside view of the military on the training fields of the Cold War in West Germany and on the combat fields of Vietnam. It presents a poignant and detailed drawing of what junior officers contended with during these turbulent times in American history. From the training grounds in Fort Benning, Georgia; to the jungle warfare school in Panama; to the streets of West Germany; and to the rice paddies of Vietnam, In Our Duffel Bags intimately describes the sights, sounds, and smells of life in the military.  Much more than a historical account, In Our Duffel Bags interweaves Geschke's and Toto's individual experiences and perspectives, ties them back to their families, and sets it all within the volatile historical and political setting of the 1960s and 1970s. It shows how these times affected history as well as impact current politics.

About Our second book, Shadows of Combat: Poetry about the Vietnam Era

Authors Robert Toto and Richard Geschke have expanded their horizons of their original book In Our Duffel Bags, Surviving the Vietnam Era with a poetic interpretation of life in the army. Tracking their adventures in Germany, Panama and Vietnam the authors wax the poetic version of what they found in their duffel bags looking deeper into the fast changing times of the Vietnam era. With Shadows of Combat the reader will sense the history of what took place in this crucial time in American history.  This book is available in paperback, kindle and as an audiobook.  Check it out on